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Mercedes-Benz Museum Photographs 2012

The Mercedes-Benz Museum

The Mercedes Benz Museum is just outside of Stuttgart,

The Museum is set up to start at the top and twist ones way down in a spiral. A short ride up in a gated elevator opens up in the first room displaying the story and history of the birth of the automobile. One of the keys to developing the first automobile was a lightweight engine and there were several displays dedicated to that. The ramp slowly descended and along the wall was a shelf holding the cars which made Mercedes Benz the power it is in the automotive world.

Mercedes Benz has made so may great cars and even though their museum is a very large building many cars are close together. Historic story line on the posters lining the out side wall of the ramp section. Mercedes Benz has cleverly related its history with world events. The posters mention events like JFK in Berlin, the Beatles coming to America and Elvis Presley, and then fit in special Mercedes Benz mile marks. Clever and entertaining. As the Daimler organization isn't just about cars there were significant displays of heavy equipment as well.

The priceless collection of early racecars, the GP machines and the SL models were set up on an elevated ramp something like a banked race track. They were very difficult to see and even more difficult to photograph.

The Mercedes-Benz Museum Lad

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