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Concorso Italiano, 2016 Car Show, Monterey, California Photos and Stories.

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Concorso Italiano, 2016 Car Show, Monterey, California

Concorso Italiano at the Black Horse Golf Club at Marina in the Monterey Bay Area on Saturday the 20th of August during the Monterey Automobile Week. "Every Thing Italian".

Concorso Italiano is a day of with everything Italian, from fashion to Ferraris, red wine, sunshine, and the beautiful people. There is an endless lawn of Italian cars, booths of anything one could want for the Italian car culture, exotic car displays, and a fashion clothing show.

This show is hugely supported by the car clubs and the turnout is enormous. The judging and awards brings an endless parade of the best cars on the field to the stands with guests and owners speaking over the show cars.

This year Tom Tjaarda, the designer of the Fiat 124 Spider and scores of other important Italian vehicles to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic Fiat 124 Spider following one of the great features of Concorso Italiano that has eminent automotive luminaries from Italy joining in with the show.

Additional Vehicle Celebrations Are: Lamborghini’s iconic Miura debuted at the Geneva auto show in 1966 an instant hit for its revolutionary mid-engine styling then and still a crowed stopper. Ferruccio Lamborghini said of it, “The Miura was six years in production, it surpassed our wildest hopes.”

Ferrari’s 330 GTC and 330 GTS are also being celebrated. Designed by Pininfarina, the 330 GTC and 330 GTS were the successors to the 275. Fifty years later the 330 cars still hold their charm.

The Mangusta was the first car DeTomaso produced in significant numbers with 402 made between 1967 and 1971, more than half of which were purchased by American customers. These cars were stunning with the back engine compartment side to side opening which was not unlike the early long nosed front engine cars. This is the iconic vehicle’s 50th anniversary.

As a bonus a very special display of two full-sized models of Mars Rovers, the Curiosity, and the smaller Mars Rover Sojourner. Mr. Bruce Wanta graciously shares his collection of cars and memorabilia with enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest. One of the many fascinating portions of his collection are these two Rover models.

Also all will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Alfa Romeo Duetto. The last car designed by Battista Pininfarina, the Alfa Romeo Duetto is one of the most symmetric cars you’ll ever see. Though only produced for 18 short months before getting an engine tweak and being renamed, the Duetto left a lasting impression on auto enthusiasts. Featured prominently in the hit 1967 film The Graduate, these rare cars are well worth celebrating as they turn 50.

Sports Car Market will be sponsoring the 50th anniversary display. Keith Martin and SCM will provide special gifts for Duetto owners and unique awards for the best Duettos.

Also SCM will include a special Benjamin Braddock Award. All of the awards will be presented by Keith Martin at the stage. All round-tails (1966-1969) will be eligible.

Fashion and Lifestyle Concorso Italiano is not only the world’s largest Italian Car show, but a premiere Lifestyle event including fashion and art. Concorso Italiano is the only concourse event that includes a live on stage fashion show featuring Sylvie’s Unique as You!, Tommy Bahama, Anubee a Children’s Boutique, Diva’s Beauty Studio and Spa, and Italian jewelry by Miseno.

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