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Scion FR S 2015

Jaguar F Type R Coupe 2015 Driving Impressions
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San Francisco Chronicle 58th Annual International Auto Show

San Francisco Chronicle 58th Annual International Auto Show
San Francisco, California
November 21-29, 2015
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Visitors to the San Francisco International Auto Show will have the opportunity to step into the future of personal transportation. This years show will feature new alternative fuel, electric and hybrid vehicles plus the latest driver-assist technology from the world's major manufacturers.

This is the best show in San Francisco and is northern California's premier, largest and most spectacular auto exhibition.

pic Porsche Works Reunion 2015

Porsche Works Reunion 2015
Rancho Canada Golf Club, Carmel, California
August 22, 2015
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This was the second annual event at the Rancho Canada Golf Club on Carmel Valley Road during the August "Car Week" on California's Monterey Peninsula.

Porsche Works Reunion was created and run by The Porsche Club of America as a one-make car gathering featuring Porsche cars. 2015 saw over 700 cars on the field.

pic Avala 4x4 Rally 2015

Avala 4x4 Rally 2015
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The meeting place of the competition called Award of Belgrade, 2015 was the mountain Avala near Belgrade. Special exams were held at the foot of the mountain. On Saturday in the village of Pinosava, and on Sunday near the place called Bubanj Potok.

Participants of the 4x4 vehicles are divided into three categories, Hard, Soft and tourist indicating the preparedness of the vehicle and the tracks which they compete on.
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pic Goodwood Revival 2015

Goodwood Revival 2015
Goodwood Estate
Chichester, West Sussex, UK
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Circulating rapidly in cars constructed from the 40's through to 1966 is the order of the day at the Goodwood Revival. For this year held across 3 days in September and for this year it was 11th to 13th. But it is so much more than racing: Lord March and his team always make for a unique twist on historic racing.
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pic Rennsport Reunion V

Rennsport Reunion V
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Monterey Bay Area, California, 2015

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The Rennsport Reunion started as a follow up to the 1998 Monterey Historic's race weekend featuring Porsche and Brian Redman's Porsche featured event at Watkins Glen.

Bob Carlson of PCNA with Redman put together the first Reunion at Lime Rock Park in 2001 with the backing of Porsche Cars North America. This is the 5th running of that event.

pic 24th Vintage Sports Car Club Goodwood 2015

24th Vintage Sports Car Club Goodwood 2015
Goodwood Estate
Chichester, West Sussex, UK
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The VSCC Sprint and Handicap event is traditionally the finale of the year.

The original objective of the VSCC, when formed in October 1934, was to provide competition and social meeting for those with cars five years old or more. After further discussion and votes cast, the following year, it was ratified that the club would operate for cars post 31st December 1930. Today, there are over 7,200 members.
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pic 24 hours of Elegance 2015

24 hours elegance 2015
Grand Casino, Beograd
September 11, 2015

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By tradition, the event called 24 hours of elegance began with an exhibition of exclusive vintage car within the Royal Palace, the residence of the Karadjordjevic family, on Friday night.

On Saturday the exhibition Kalemeganu, which features less exclusive cars and motorcycles, mainly owned domestic collectors, from Serbia, a few laps on the track around Kalemegdan, the memory of the Grand Prix of Belgrade in 1939. What is just driven on that track, and then in front of the exhibition Yugoslavia.

pic Concorso Italiano 2015

Concorso Italiano
Black Horse Golf Course, August 15, 2015

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The Concorso at the Black Horse Golf Club at Marina in the Monterey Bay Area, has a very unique layout utilizing the area adjacent to the club house for the staring and the long fairways to assemble endless rows of Italian cars.

Endless Ferraris, a field of Alfa's, a full coloring of Lamborghinis, New cars, extremely rare cars, shopping, great food, sun, and beautiful people.

pic Pebble Beach
Concours d'Elegance, 2015

Pebble Beach
Concours d'Elegance, August 16, 2015

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The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance is one of the most significant automobile shows in the world when it comes to most prized collector cars.

Each year a collection of these wonderful examples of motoring history gather in numbers around 200, on the fairway and lawns around the historic Loge at Pebble Beach.

pic Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion 2015

Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion 2015
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
Monterey, California
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The Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion is about race cars that are rarely seen, authentic and historic.

The Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion celebrated the 50 year anniversary of the Shelby GT 350 Mustang.



Geoff Wheatley

The Car Industry & Technology by Geoff Wheatley

I recently purchased a Lexus, yes I know the old man's car, but I guess when you join that age brigade the Porsche two seater becomes something of a challenge when you want to get the weeks groceries both in terms of space and comfort. The most challenging aspect of my new toy is trying to understand all the gadgets that the car has.

I recently read of a Car Dealership in Massachusetts who had the bright idea of employing high school students to explain the workings of the latest automobile to people like myself.

I recall when the Owners handbook consisted of about twenty pages with pictures and each feature was both simple to read and even more simple to do.
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pic License Plate Collectors 

2015 Annual Meeting of license plate collectors
Obrenovac Belgrade, Serbia
August 22, 2015
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Obrenovac, a small town near Belgrade, is traditionally the place where they held the meeting of collectors of license plates in2015.

It was all, companionship, stories, photography, drinks, and more...

pic VW

Geoff Wheatley on Longest Production Run

Recently I was asked what motor company had the longest run with a single model... to be honest I did not know but decided that I would do a little research to see who held that title.

My first thought was Ford but I was totally wrong. In fact Ford was not in the first three manufacturers.

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pic Jaguar

Geoff Wheatley on Jaguar, MG, Morris and SS

This Review Will Be Of Special Interest To Readers Who Have A Soft Spot For British Cars And The History Of The Two Breeds!

MG is usually thought of as being a small swift sports car while the name Jaguar carries the image of the sleek, beautiful wealthy owners vehicle...There was of course the E Type and the post war XK Series but this story relates to the period before WWII when MG raced at Brooklands and Jaguar was viewed as a would be rich mans toy..

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pic Lotus Mark IX

Lotus Mark IX A Most Unusual Lotus

Interesting Photograph - my friend, Jim Fleming, took it more than fifty years ago.

I knew the Lotus in Jim's photograph as the "Potus." I'm not sure who originally came up with the name Potus, but that was the acronym which Dr. Troy McHenry used when he described the car to my father earlier that year..
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The latest benchmark for street car performance is a lap-time of Nürburgring's Nordschleife's 12.9 Mile (20,600 meters) circuit:
Current fastest lap record holder is Stefan Bellof in a Porsche 956 #956-007 racecar in 1983, at 6:11.13 (6 minutes,11.13 seconds)
Latest posted times:
Porsche 918; 6:57. 9.2013
Dodge Viper ACR; 7:12:13 9.2011

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